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To heal is to awaken to our own inner truth. You have everything you need within you to heal, transform and rise.  


From the heart we at Pranic Evolution are truly dedicated to offer events, retreats, and many other services to support those who wish to dive deep into a pure and conscious way of life of divine purpose and fulfillment.


In all that we do, a sacred container is held in service and devotion to the great spirit in all beings, to move through our own limitations into our infinite potential.


To enjoy life and live out our true calling, is not only what we offer but what we embody.


Happiness is the result of deep spiritual work.


We invite you to walk with us on this road of life in love, connection, and truth.


Through divine trust and surrender, we have come together to support the evolution of consciousness.


 Aum, Peace, Amen!




Held in service & ROOTED IN LOVE.

Hardeek "Hardy" Patel

Hardeek "Hardy" Patel, who's name means "from the heart" is a intuitive guide, reiki master, and rebirthing breathwork facilitator. 

Went to the mountains of Washington to learn how to fast to the jungles of Costa Rica to work with plant medicine to learning Yogic Wisdom in Nepal. 

Hardy has gone through tumultuous challenges in life to get to where he is today. He faced challenges including battling alcohol and substance abuse, 


Hardy's purpose in this life is to serve humanity to create energetic portals of all sizes to support others into transforming themselves to their true nature of unconditional love for all.  Less then a decade ago he was battling major alcohol and substance abuse, unhealthiest of diets (50lbs overweight), a mental state that some would diagnose as ADHD, and other challenges.  Overcoming these difficulties or as he sees it, "opportunities to grow" he has experienced a wide spectrum of healing modalities from breathwork, sound healing, chanting, to plant medicine.

The greatest gift is his heart-based connection to the divine that he allows to unfold and he holds space from this inner guidance.

All this led him to this moment right now to be of service. 

His experience with all of these services has made him a intuitive guide to help hold space for these services sound healing, breath work, fasting, energy healing and human connection. 

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