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Creating massive transformation, held in a space of love.

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Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing is a Conscious Connected Breathing technique that releases tension and stored emotions from the body, clearing space for new thoughts, actions, and possibilities. By clearing the emotional past, Rebirthing Breathwork brings you into the present, restores your vitality, and opens you up to new inspiration. This session offers participants an opportunity to experience release and rejuvenation by introducing them to this breathing technique and guiding them through a full breathwork journey.

**This session is available through Zoom & in person.**

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Pranic energy healing 

The energy of Prana is the life sustaining force that is within the body of every living thing.  Through accessing the full spectrum of our pranic force, we are able to find our deepest connection to the universe and spiritual world. Pranic energy has the capabilities of restoring our mind, bodies, and spirit.

Through this session we will help you to
rejuvenate and replenish your Pranic energy so that you can fully tap in to your highest state of being. 

**This session is available through Zoom & in person.**

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Intuitive Guidance 

In this session you will connect to a Pranic Healer to provide you with guidance and direction in your life. This session will help you to gain clarity on your spiritual path, and see any blockages that may be preventing you from stepping into your power.  This consultation is divinely channeled through for your highest intention. This will help you to tap more deeply into your soul's purpose.

**This session is available through Zoom & in person.**

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Intuitive Healing

Through this session, we will use different healing modalities to help you remove energetic blockages that you may be experiencing. This healing will help you to release traumas and let go of stagnate energy. Through this release you will be able to call in divine energies and fully step in to your highest power.

**This session is available through Zoom & in person.**

Hardeek "Hardy" Patel

Hardeek "Hardy" Patel, who's name means "from the heart" is an intuitive guide, reiki master,  and rebirthing breathwork facilitator with a mission to transform the lives of many souls. At the heart of his journey lies the powerful intention to gather souls and cultivate conscious communities that nurture energetic growth from the individual to the collective.

Hardy holds certifications as a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (200ytt) practitioner, a certified Reiki Master, and a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator. As an owner of 2 Floatation wellness centers “The Float Place,” Hardy has helped thousands of others in their journey through Floatation Therapy.

Throughout his life, Hardy faced significant challenges that ultimately shaped him into the person he is today. He bravely confronted and overcame struggles with alcohol abuse, unhealthy eating and sleeping habits among other obstacles.

His soul’s journey has taken him from the serene mountains of Washington, where he learned the art of deep fasting, to the lush jungles of Costa Rica, where he immersed himself in the profound world of plant medicine. He also ventured to Nepal, delving into the wisdom of Yoga to deepen his understanding of spiritual practices.

Hardy's purpose in this life is clear: to be of service to humanity and create energetic portals of transformation and support. He is deeply committed to guiding others on their path to discovering their true nature, embracing unconditional love for all beings. It is remarkable to consider that less than a decade ago, he battled major alcohol abuse,  carried excess weight, and faced mental challenges like ADHD. But as he fondly reflects on those times, he sees them as opportunities to grow, which have led him to explore various healing modalities.

Hardy has experienced the profound impact of breathwork, sound healing, chanting, floatation therapy, fasting, and various plant medicines, all contributing to his remarkable transformation. The most profound gift he possesses is a heart-based connection to the divine, a connection he allows to unfold as he holds space for others.

Today, he stands ready to serve others, drawing upon his vast experience with these healing modalities. As an intuitive guide and conscious creator , he adeptly holds space for services such as rebirthing breathwork, fasting, energy healing, floatation therapy, sound healing, facilitating meaningful human connections,  and deep transformational journeys.

In essence, Hardy's journey has prepared him to be a beacon of light for others, illuminating their paths toward healing and self-discovery. With an open heart and a strong connection to his inner guidance, he continues to inspire and empower those he encounters on their transformative journeys.

In the sacred spaces he creates, individuals are invited to journey inward, shedding old patterns and limiting beliefs, and moving towards a profound connection with themselves and the world around them. This inward journey is mirrored in the collective space he fosters, where souls unite, supporting each other on their paths to enlightenment and unity.


Divine Reflections

Image by Guillaume Galtier

A review in words could never describe how life changing my experience was with Hardy and Pranic Evolution. Hardy is the perfect example of someone walking in their purpose-driven life led by God. His serving to others is illuminated in his breath work and energy. For me, he took me through several breakthroughs in my mind that had been locked in a suppression state of protection. Hardy is love. If you want to be delivered from anything holding your life back, don’t hesitate. You’re so worth it!

Heather Lefort

I spent an amazing evening with Hardy doing breathe work with him. We chatted about it for at least a half hour, both recounting stories and what we've been going through. Then the breathe work began. He was terrific at guiding me through it while instinctively knowing what music to play. Through it all, I released physically, audibly, and through tears. Hardy was with me the whole time knowing exactly what I needed and when. He knew when I still had things to release that I believed were finished. It was a long night and so extremely worth it. I left with such a sense of peace that I haven't felt in a long time. Visions, feelings, understandings of my childhood will only assist in my growth. I can't thank Hardy enough for his caring gift of guidance. I highly recommend anyone who's thinking of doing this work to work with Hardy. He's truly in touch with his intuition

Geof Marschall

Powerful - Magical - Life changing. These are just a few words that scratch the surface of what an incredible journey Hardy is guiding me through. Even with not knowing what to expect initially, it wasn't hard to surrender to the energy flowing and become completely vulnerable to the process. Hardy has opened up and forced me to acknowledge how deeply suppressed emotions have a significant impact on our lives today. I am fully committed to find peace, to heal old wounds, and create a path forward full of light and positivity. I am learning to use my experiences as fuel to drive my life towards a brighter future. Eternally grateful, thank you Hardy.


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